Hiring by word of mouth? Time to rethink

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There is no doubt in the fact that word of mouth hiring has been the most dominant hiring mode since a long time. It comes with an advantage of having some connection with your next hire, so you could do a background check on the candidate and have the referrer to fall back on if the hire goes wrong. Even in this digital era, many companies rely on word of mouth hiring for their hiring needs.

However, is it still the best option? Probably NOT. Word of mouth hiring leads to immense pressure from family and friends to hire their referrals. The option fails when there is a bulk or urgent hiring requirement. On many occasions, such hiring are done not based on merit of the candidate and every bad hire reciprocates in the company’s performance.

With the new digital age, reaching the right candidates is not very difficult, even without any personal connection. Reliable hiring platforms, such as Tulunadu Jobs, provide a great database of genuine candidates matching the required skillsets. So, that gives you an ability to choose fresh and suitable candidates for your job, completely based on merit.

At Tulunadu Jobs, every candidate is verified on registration and complete details of the candidate is captured. As soon as you have a job requirement, your job reaches thousands of suitable candidates in a matter of few minutes. The candidates are automatically screened before applying for your job to ensure best fit for your job.

Then why stick to traditional hiring practices. Find better candidates to tackle the new age competition.

Hiring by word of mouth? Time to rethink
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