How to narrow down our candidate pool and make the right hire?

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Getting a lot of applications, does not guarantee a good hire. Here are a few tips for you to narrow down your candidate pool and make the right hire.

1. Clear and detailed job description: It is very important that maximum details about the job is etched out in the description. Believe me, spending those extra 10 mins on your job description is going to be truly worth it. This could be a challenge if you are using the traditional media like newspaper for your hiring where charges depend on the number of words used. But with apps like Tulunadu Jobs, where there is no word restriction you are at an advantage. It is always advisable to give all the details of the job profile like roles & responsibilities, skills required, salary, work timings etc so that only the right and interested candidates reach out to you. In Tulunadu Jobs, candidates are automatically filtered based on the years of experience, salary expectation, gender, location preference, interests etc.

2. Phone Screening: In spite of a detailed job description, you might still get a good number of applications which fit the job profile. To further narrow down, it is a good practice to have one round of screening over phone before you call the candidates for a face to face interview. Through the phone conversation you can reconfirm if the candidate actually meets all the job criteria also you would be able to make a fair judgement about the attitude, confidence and their overall personality. If they seem qualified and excited about the job, as them to come in for a face to face interview.

If you include the above steps in your hiring process, by the time you reach the interview stage, you will have narrowed down your applicant pool to a few impressive candidates.

How to narrow down our candidate pool and make the right hire
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