Now get only verified and relevant applications

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Providing a great quality of experience to employers has been our foremost priority. We understand that it is not the number of candidates that matters, but the quality of the candidates. At Tulunadu Jobs, we painstakingly verify each and every candidate registering on the platform. A verified candidate can only contact you if he/she matches your job profile. The system validates information such as experience, location, relevance, gender, qualification, salary expectation etc to confirm if he/she is suitable for your job. Only after these checks, a candidate is allowed to contact you. Maximum details of the job is presented to the candidate so that he/she completely understands the job profile before contacting you.

So, now get only genuine and matching candidates for your job and save your time from processing invalid applications and non-serious candidates. Even with these checks, we can assure you that you will get more applications than any other sources, in 95% of the cases.

Choose from handpicked candidates for your next job.

Now get only verified and relevant applications
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