Should a candidate pay to get a job?

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It has become a trend in South Kanara, for consultancies to collect money from candidates with a guarantee on job placement. Most of the job placement agencies fail in their commitments to deliver, which has led to “100% job placement” a joke and candidates running away from consultancies. Many of the job placement agencies have thrived operating in this model, providing free services to companies, while making money from candidates. Things are changing now and for good. At Tulunadu Jobs also, we believe this trend needs to change.

Firstly, most of the candidates seeking job are not usually in good financial state. Taking money from candidates as registration fees and also as joining fees, will increase their financial vows. Instead, employers are better equipped to bear hiring costs. Many of the employers do realize that good talent comes with an investment. So, they don’t mind to pay a fee to get better candidates.

Secondly, charging the candidates assuring them of confirmed job placement, only leads to unhappy pool of unemployed youth. This will backlash badly on the HR consultancies, and youth will turn away from their services. Only desperate or not-well qualified people end up using consultancy services. Hence, man power sourced from consultancies suffers in quality and turns sub-standard.

Thirdly, charging candidates leads to malpractice. Candidates who pay more end up being showcased well by consultancies and may end up in better jobs, in spite of not having the required skill set or qualification. Many employers who go with consultancy recommendations, bear the brunt of such a practice.

To sum up, consultancies do provide a customized and smooth hiring process to employers and for low or no charge. However, the impact that it has on candidates is heavy, which has made the cream of candidates to shy away from them, making many of them look for other avenues such as Bangalore, Mumbai or the middle east. The trend of charging candidates needs to change in order for candidates to feel more open about hiring services in local markets.

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Should a candidate pay to get a job?
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