Things to take care of when you hire

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There would be situations where decision making may get confusing when hiring for your organization. You could be in a situation where you have to choose from a large pool of candidates or you have too few to choose from. Here we list below some tips on making the right decisions during hiring for.your jobs, based on recommendations from our experts.

  • 1. Never hurry through a hiring process. Take your time to know and evaluate each deserving candidate.
  • 2. Do not be biased towards referrals from family and friends. Evaluate them through the same lens as for other candidates.
  • 3. Prefer candidates who are seeking long term opportunity with your organization. You could evaluate this by asking candidates about why they want this job. If it is only about salary or for gaining experience or no other good reason, it is very likely that the candidate will not stick with you for long.
  • 4. Quick learners can be game changers. Candidates who are flexible to take up any responsibility with minimum transition will turn out to be great assets to your organization.
  • 5. Sincerity and hard work are great attributes to look for. Such candidates usually would have a track record of longer tenure with their previous employers.
  • 6. Academic marks are good, not may not be all that important. Use this as a criteria only when you are hiring freshers or at junior positions, and have a big pool of candidates to filter from.
  • 7. Quality of experience matters, otherwise experience is just a number. Look for the richness of the experience the candidate has. Usually such candidates will bring in more to.the organization using the knowledge that they have accumulated over the years.
  • 8. Look.for.people who are enthusiastic and self motivated. Such. Candidates usually stay positive and happy throughout their employment.
  • 9. Communication and soft skills matter. Ability to.convey the right things and in the right way, can help you be more aware of employees ideas, suggestions and concerns.
  • 10. Though salary expectation is an important filter, flexing your salary up by 20 to 30% for really smart candidates is always a good idea. They will get you more returns on your money.
  • 11. Do not hire people who are over qualified or over experienced for the job. You are bound to have a dissatisfied employee in such a case.
  • 12. Lastly, ensure to evaluate the aptitude of candidates, by giving them puzzles or real life situations. Ability to think and make decisions are really useful characteristics for an employee.

To sum up, in addition to evaluating candidates on their work abilities, it is also very important to have another round of HR screening covering above checks. Your staff can make or break it for your business. So, make your choices wisely. Hire Right!

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Things to take care of when you hire
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