Video with a humorous take on current hiring scenario

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Here is a video from Tulundadu Jobs, which takes a dig at the current hiring issues in the blue-collar segment in India.

As is a known reality, getting employees is never easy for sectors such as hotels, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, servicing etc. High attrition, non-serious employees, inexperience, lack of long term vision etc have always plagued these sectors. With the wide candidate network of Tulunadu Jobs, of over 40,000 candidates in Mangalore and Udupi, and spanning over 50 roles such as accoutants, telecallers, data entry staff, office staff, engineers, electricians, waiters, plumbers, drivers, waiters, cooks, delivery boys, etc, you can be rest assured that your job requirements, reach the right candidates.

Your own time is worth a million. Let it not be spent on unproductive work. Help us to help you save your time, so that you can do something more awesome everyday.

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