How to narrow down our candidate pool and make the right hire?

Getting a lot of applications, does not guarantee a good hire. Here are a few tips for you to narrow down your candidate pool and make the right hire.

1. Clear and detailed job description: It is very important that maximum details about the job is etched out in the description. (more…)

Get assured responses more than any other media

Tulunadu Jobs has become the most widely used job search platform by candidates in Mangalore and Udupi. With over 50,000 candidates using the platform to search jobs regularly, Tulunadu Jobs guarantees the best response rates for white collar jobs, (more…)

Introducing pay-on-hire options – Tulunadu Placements

We understand that every business and every client is different. For the ones, who want to see results before making any payment, Tulunadu Jobs is introducing Tulunadu Placements for complete Mangalore and Udupi regions. At Tulunadu Placements, we take care of your complete hiring requirements, (more…)

Should a candidate pay to get a job?

It has become a trend in South Kanara, for consultancies to collect money from candidates with a guarantee on job placement. Most of the job placement agencies fail in their commitments to deliver, which has led to “100% job placement” a joke and candidates running away from consultancies. Many of the job placement agencies have thrived operating in this model, providing free services to companies, while making money from candidates. (more…)

Things to take care of when you hire

There would be situations where decision making may get confusing when hiring for your organization. You could be in a situation where you have to choose from a large pool of candidates or you have too few to choose from. Here we list below some tips on making the right decisions during hiring for.your jobs, based on recommendations from our experts. (more…)

18% Discount for 2018 New Year!

It is New Year time again! Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2018.

As we approach 2018, we are running a new year offer of 18% off on all paid jobs. And to top it up, an additional 10% discount will be offered (more…)

Hiring by word of mouth? Time to rethink

There is no doubt in the fact that word of mouth hiring has been the most dominant hiring mode since a long time. It comes with an advantage of having some connection with your next hire, so you could do a background check on the candidate (more…)

Now get only verified and relevant applications

Providing a great quality of experience to employers has been our foremost priority. We understand that it is not the number of candidates that matters, but the quality of the candidates. (more…)

Video with a humorous take on current hiring scenario

Here is a video from Tulundadu Jobs, which takes a dig at the current hiring issues in the blue-collar segment in India.

As is a known reality, getting employees is never easy for sectors such as hotels, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, servicing etc. (more…)

Why Tulunadu Jobs?

The biggest asset of Tulunadu is its people. The race is one of the brightest in India and has done tremendous achievements in all spheres of life. (more…)