Cost of hiring in South Kanara

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South Kanara, both Mangalore, and Udupi, have their own traditions and rules about hiring. For good or bad, we are bit casual and laid back when it comes to hiring talent. Many companies wait for the right hire to walk in one fine day. Others depend on consultancies to send them some so-called good chaps. For some with urgent requirements, a small newspaper article is an age-old recruitment option. Companies try to reduce hiring costs and end up with these traditional hiring practices.

So, does that mean hiring costs are very low in South Kanara?

The answer is both YES and NO. YES because many companies employees traditional practices and NO because such companies usually lose more money in opportunity costs.

What many companies do not realize is that more than the cost saved in hiring, higher your chance of bringing in the bad hire and any bad hire is usually very heavy in an organization. Companies suffer in losing money in replacements due to high attrition, poor productivity, underutilized staff strength, attitude issues, malpractices etc.

Quality comes at a price and the same holds good for hiring. Getting good candidates is not easy, but a great hire can do wonders for your organization. Professional HR and manpower consulting companies typically charge 8.33% of employee annual salary, i.e. like a month’s salary. The price could go up with experience and skill set. Social hiring platforms like LinkedIn and Tulunadu Jobs can reduce your hiring costs, while still maintaining the quality, as they employ automated practices rather than the manual matching of candidates.

Consultancies that thrive on charging candidates and nothing to employers, would not be recommended. They leave the candidates jobless and also hopeless. A lot of candidates have been duped by many of HR consultancies. So, for many candidates, such HR consultancies happen to be the last resort to find a good job.

So, to sum it all, quality hiring comes at a price and that is worth it. Seek professional help from HR consultancies or Social hire platforms to get the right talent. You could additionally employ an in-house hiring team in case your needs are higher.

Cost of hiring in South Kanara
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