Few useful tips for a recruiter

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Recruiting is not an easy job. The few people you end up hiring would appreciate the fact that you considered them for the job and hold you in high regard. But the many whom you were not able to on board may not remember you very fondly. That being said, there are a few steps you can take to come across as a positive representative of your company regardless of what happens.

Communicate: Once you shortlist some one for an interview or once the interview is over, try to place yourself in the shoes of the job seeker. Waiting in anticipation is not an easy task. The least that you can do is to let them know about your decision as soon as it is made.

Don’t give candidates false hope: You should do your best not to lead someone to believe they are getting a job until it is official. It is even a good idea to tell a candidate how many people are still under consideration especially as you get into the later stages of hiring process.

Understand the role requirements: As a recruiter you have to understand the role you are hiring for and the person you need to do the job. You will not only keep the right candidates interested but you will also be able to identify the ones who are not right for the job.

Organize the interview:Send the candidates a schedule beforehand, provide directions to your office, let them know how long the interview will be. The more you can do to help them prepare, the better the candidates will feel. Even if they don’t get the job, they should still feel they were not caught off guard at any point in the interview.

Do your best but remember you can’t please everyone: The people whose lives you positively impact, will be far outnumbered by the people you just could not hire. If you follow the above tips, most of the candidates will appreciate that you at least considered them for a job. A few will be bitter, but that will just show that you made a good decision by not bringing them onto your team.

Few useful tips for a recruiter
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