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If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Just as the above quote illustrates it is definitely better to incur the cost to hire the right employee than risk hiring an amateur. But hiring is a very expensive activity. There are many individual costs incurred during the hiring process, including advertising costs, in-house recruiter salaries, third-party recruiter fees, employee referral bonuses etc. It is important to note that the hiring costs associated with hiring a productive employee are far less than the cost and overall impact of making a bad hire.

In this blog, we discuss how we can optimize hiring costs by hiring through Tulunadu Jobs.

Unique Pricing Model : Pay only for what you need: In our new, soon-to-be-released, pricing model you choose how many responses you need for your job ad. The ad is going to be live till you receive the specified number of unique responses. Our team will try to get the required number of responses as soon as possible latest by a month’s time. In the other models, you pay per day for your ad with no assurance of the number of responses. In yet another case, you receive a fixed number of resumes for a price. There is no assurance that the candidates are still looking for a job or if they are interested in your job opening. With Tulunadu Jobs, you get an assurance on the number of response and also it is candidate themselves applying so there is no question of non-interested candidates applying.

Targeted Audience : When you advertise through Tulunadu Jobs, you will be able to reach out to candidates who are looking for jobs in the specific area. As the candidates are the ones who have already expressed their interest in a similar kind of job, there are higher chances of reaching the relevant candidates through Tulunadu Jobs. In addition, there are other filters that you can add to your job ads like gender, experience, qualification, and salary. Only candidates satisfying all the criteria set by you will be able to apply for the job hence increasing the chances of reaching that perfect employee. It is like Tulunadu Jobs is doing the first round of screening for you as per your requirements.

new pricing model
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