The structure of a quality Job Description – What to include and why it is important?

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When hiring, your job description is the first impression you make with a potential future employee. It should answer any questions a job seeker has and attract the right candidates to apply. Here we have listed all the major components of a job description and discussed in brief why it is important.

Job Title: The job title is naturally what will catch the eye for an ideal candidate. It should include what they will do (eg: Accounts) and their level within the company (eg: Manager, Executive etc). The title needs to make the right people interested and entice them to read the full description.

Location: Even if someone is the right fit for your job, they cant proceed if the location does not work for them. The location of the position should be displayed prominently so that the candidate can decide right away if it makes sense to apply for the job. Try to give the specific location of the job as far as possible.

Roles & Responsibilities: Here we need to outline the day to day responsibilities. Try to define exactly what the new hire will be doing so that candidates can relate to the tasks they have done in their previous jobs and feel confident to apply. Also mention the desired years of experience so that the right set of experienced candidates approach you.

Company Description: It is always good to include some details about the company. This greatly improves the credibility of the job.

Salary and Benefits: It is a good idea to give some insight into how much a potential employee will earn so a candidate’s expectations align with your’s right from the start of the hiring process. Also make sure you call out all the other benefits like PF, ESI, Health Insurance, food, accommodation etc.

Work hours and travel requirements: Candidates with the right skills want to avoid applying for jobs that require long hours, travel requirements or other responsibilities that they cant adhere to. So it is recommended that you put as much information as possible in the job description so that candidates are not surprised when they apply.

The structure of a quality Job Description - What to include and why it is important?
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