Tulunadu Jobs vs Traditional Methods of Hiring

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A company is nothing without its employees. Recruitment is thus, one amongst the most important things that a company does. Finding the right talent in the market is really difficult and HR managers have to try new methods to find the best possible candidates. This is where Tulunadu Jobs comes into play. In this blog, we will compare some of the most commonly used traditional methods of hiring against Tulunadu Jobs and see why hiring through Tulunadu Jobs serves you better.

Newspapers: Newspapers are among the oldest methods of communicating about vacancies to people. They are ready by a majority segment of the society. But with the advent of online media and the huge popularity that it is gaining, today’s youth are gravitating towards them. In such an era, it is definitely easier to reach the working population through a smart phone than a newspaper. More over, when advertising your vacancy through a newspaper you will have to work around many limitations like the work limit and the missing real time element in it.

Employment Consultancies: Recruitment through employment agencies have gained momentum over the past couple of decades. Many a times they would have been able to source the candidates when you were in dire need. But the quality of these candidates are highly debatable. The modus operandi of consultancies, especially of Tulunadu region is by collecting hefty sums of money from candidates. Hence generally the candidates who reach out to them are the ones who are really desperate for a job. Also consultancies would try to place those candidates who are ready to pay them better than the meritorious ones. So hiring through consultancies cannot really guarantee quality. Tulunadu Jobs works in a completely different way. Here all the services for candidates are absolutely free of cost. So it has become the #1 choice for anyone looking for a job in this region.

Tulunadu Jobs vs Traditional Methods of Hiring
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