What to know when hiring recent college graduates

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As the graduate season comes and goes, another set of young professionals will soon be entering the job market. Recruiters will have a whole new group to hire for entry-level positions. Hiring someone with no work experience should be approached differently than hiring a seasoned professional. In this blog, we will go through some of the tips to keep in mind while hiring freshers.

Be loose on experience requirements : Even if a fresher spent many years of college preparing for a particular career, they still have a lot to learn about the particular industry and the position. But what you can do is to look for candidates who are intelligent, driven and has a good attitude. They are more likely to be a successful member of the workforce.

Be ready to provide training : Aside from being a low-cost employee, you can think of a recent graduate as a ball of clay that can be moulded into an ideal team member. Also, consider pairing a fresher with a senior employee to provide continuous guidance and feedback.

Interview well : A solid interview process is always crucial when hiring, more so if you are hiring a fresh graduate. In the interview, try to get an idea about the interests and career aspirations of the candidate.

Hire after an internship : It is common for a company to hire a recent graduate as an intern before bringing them on as a full-time employee. The young professional has the opportunity to get their foot in the door and the company has the chance to train and assess them before making the employment offer.

What to know when hiring recent college graduates
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